Monday, March 17, 2014

Find these products at Sam's for best deal

Do you love shopping at warehouse clubs such as Sam's Club? I do! You're sure to find great deals on lots of items, but be careful. Not everything you find in a warehouse store will be the Online Deals possible price. Here are some of my favorite warehouse store finds and some things that I find a better deal on elsewhere.

One of my favorite reasons to shop at Sam's Club is for parties. I love throwing birthday parties at our house and a Fourth of July party in the summer. Whenever I am getting ready for those, there is definitely a stop at our local Sam's Club on my list. We always make our own food so stocking up on meat there is a must, especially hamburger meat. The quality is near restaurant-grade and the price is great! Frozen appetizers or desserts are also much cheaper, often as much as 40 percent less. If I need buns for something like sausage and peppers, that's usually where I find the best deal on nice rolls too. You'll also find the best price and quality on buffet supplies such as chafing fuel and aluminum pans. Instead of paying nearly the same price at other stores for two-hour chafing fuel, you'll be getting six-hour cans that can be reused. Some things that I skip at Sam's for my parties are soda, condiments, pickles, and chips. I can usually find better deals on those item s at the grocery store with coupons or even the dollar store. Summer produce I buy at local farm stands where I get a great deal on the freshest fruits and veggies.

Warmer weather, or just knowing that warmer weather is on the way, also gets me giddy to shop at Sam's. If you are looking for outdoor patio furniture and don't have a specific color or style in mind, you might just find the perfect set. The selection won't be quite as large as other stores, but the quality is likely to be better for less of a price. Gardening supplies are a fantastic buy there too. You'll find high-quality commercial tools, hoses, plants, mulch, and more at great prices. If you're planning a vacation this summer, you'll find the best deal on beach towels and boogie boards now before summer. Once after-summer clearance sales start you'll also be able to find good deals at department stores too, but much later in the season. Skip the bulk sunscreen though … the best price on that is always found at drugstores with a sale and coupons.

Other items that you'll find great deals on at warehouse stores include tires, electronics, appliances, laundry detergent, and batteries. When shopping there just don't let yourself get too carried away. Even though there are many deals to be found at warehouse stores think about if you really need an item in bulk, if you will use it before it goes bad, or if you can find a better deal elsewhere with a sale and coupons before adding it to your cart.

Happy saving!

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