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First Posted: Apr 01, 2014 12:02 PM EDT

Plenty of attention has been given to the Samsung Galaxy S5 ever since it was recently unveiled, but what does this mean for Android users who still have its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4?

One thing that we can expect right away is price cuts. The Galaxy S4 will eventually be phased out -- not quite yet -- but in the meantime people can keep their eyes peeled for specials and deals that could make a big difference.

One special deal to keep an eye out for is the accessories deal at Coupon Codes. As of now, the tech giant is offering a special deal that allows customers to buy 3 or more accessories and in turn they receive a discount ranging from $5-30. Already among things that have been discounted include the Case-Mate Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to Best Buy, the original price was $149.99 but now it has dropped down to $115.98.

In other sales, T-Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a special deal that allows users to pay $26 per month instead of the $624 full retail price. No money is required up front in this particular deal. Even better, Sprint is offering users the phone for only $49.99 as long as people agree to a special two-year service agreement.

All in all, this is a great time to get the phone if you are someone who is willing to wait and does not mind getting the older version. Although getting an older version of a phone does not exactly sound desirable, it is more common than people might imagine; iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and the iPhone 5 are all out of date but those are some of the most commonly seen phones in public right now. The companies update the phones so often that it is simply impossible for many people to keep up with each update.

On the Apple side, you can also find cases for your iPhone 5s. Amazon offers the Life Proof case for a variety of different prices hovering around the $80 range. The Life Proof case is special because it is water proof, shock proof, snow proof, dirt proof -- you get the idea. It basically can make it through anything. You can buy the 16 GB iPhone 5s for only $199 on Apple.com. This gives you the opportunity to jailbreak your phone (Evad3rs.com) and this is special considering that other brands of smartphones do not have the same capabilities.

What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to the iPhone? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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